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General Questions

How do I find Specification Sheets for products?

Each item has a Specification sheet under "Product Resources", or you can search directly under Specifications.

How do I find Accessories associated with each item?

While looking at a specific item's detail page, you will see accessories at the bottom of the page under the heading "Accessories". Also most accessories are shown on Specification sheets.

Example: Receptacle specification sheets will show all variations of mounting kits
Example: Table specification sheets will show all variations of mounting kits

How do I find information needed for 3rd Party Shipping?

All of our specification sheets include all shipping information at the bottom of each page. You can use this information when setting up 3rd party shipping.

What do I do if I have a Bid where Anova is not specified?

It is the responsibility of each dealer to determine what Anova product they want to bid to match a competitor's product that has been specified on public bids. We are more than happy to help narrow your search, however, there are 2 different approaches to matching competitor's product: Meeting the specifications or matching the aesthetics. Each of these directions could bring you to a different product to bid. Which products to use are at the discretion of Dealer.

What do I do if I have a Custom Request?

There are (2) types of custom requests:

  • Custom Options
    • Items that feature custom options will require a proof to be generated and signed off by the Dealer prior to processing the order. The spec sheet will tell what's needed before ordering.
  • Custom Product
    • These are items that we currently don't manufacture and you would like to have Custom Built to fit a customer's needs.
    • Anticipate the cost of the custom product to be 25-35% more than the parent product
    • Custom Product orders must be in excess of $15k

What do I do if I need a quote or am ready to place an order?

Below are all the pieces of information we need in order to process a quote or order for a Dealer:

  • Product Information
    • Item number of Anova product
    • QTY of each item requested
    • Color selection
      • Some products are one color, but most products have multiple color options (frame color, seat color, table color, etc). Be sure you have all of those available from your customer at the time of requesting the order or quote. You can validate all these options on the corresponding product detail page here on the website.
      • Be sure to specify each piece. If you want an all green item, you will need to specify green for each color option Ex: "Green Frame", "Green Seats", "Green Table Top".
  • Shipping Information
    • Using Anova freight carrier
      • Complete shipping address
      • Contact Name and Phone Number
  • Using 3rd party
    • Carrier contact information, including name of point of contact
    • Carrier phone number
    • 3rd Party billing address
    • 3rd Party account number with 3rd party freight carrier

How can I get a freight quote?

For freight rates, please email all product and quantity information to sales@anovafurnishings.com

Who do I contact for questions or if I need additional information?

Agents take vacations, get sick, work on special projects, etc. By emailing call center agents directly, a Dealer runs the risk of answers or requests being delayed, that's why it is imperative that we use the below contact information:

Email: sales@anovafurnishings.com
Phone: 800.231.1327
Website: Contact Us Online

How do I get pricing information or catalogs?

What is a typical lead time?

All Anova products have a minimum lead time of 10 business days for quantities 10 or less. The 10 days is based off the day you receive an order acknowledgment. This timeframe can vary based on time of the year and quantities over 10 please call or email for exact lead times.

What's your Return Policy?

Under this agreement, the Dealer agrees to ensure that the products and all details such as color, style, mounting type, shipping information, etc. are confirmed by the Dealer when the order is placed.

Should an inaccurate order be placed by the Dealer, the Dealer will incur any and all costs with the return of the product including but not limited to initial shipping charges, restocking fee of 30% of product invoice amount, return shipping to Anova and subsequent shipping and installation and/or assembly fees associated with the reordering of the correct product. Products which have been assembled and/or installed may not be returned. Custom products may not be returned.

All returns must be received by Anova within ninety (90) days of receipt of the initial shipment, in like new condition and in the original packaging. Returned products will be inspected by Anova who in its sole discretion will approve or reject crediting the product as a return. Within thirty (30) days of Anova accepting the return, credit will be issued to the Dealer's account less the restocking fee and notify the Dealer. It is recommended that photos of products which will be returned be taken prior to shipment to Anova.

If Anova provides an incorrect product, Anova will provide for the return of the products and shipment of the replacement products at no charge to the Dealer.

All returns must be authorized by Anova in advance by requesting a Return Authorization.

What's your Privacy Policy?

Your personal information is secure and never sold to third parties. If you have any questions, please review our Privacy Policy.

Do you offer a Structural Warranty?

Anova offers a limited twenty-year warranty against structural failure of all steel, aluminum and cast iron bench frames and bench assemblies, tables and table frames, trash receptacle frames, planter frames and bike racks. Anova offers a limited twenty-year warranty against structural failure of all recycled plastic products from splitting, fungal decay and insect damage.

Anova offers a limited five-year warranty against structural failure of all natural stone products. For more information, please review our Warranty section.

Where are you located?

Anova Headquarters
211 N. Lindbergh Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63141-7809

St. Louis Manufacturing
1424 Talmage Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63110-2323

Winona Manufacturing
1101 E. 8th St.
Winona, MN 55987-4926


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