Thermally-modified hardwood


Natural, renewable Thermory planks created for design and function.
Thermally-modified hardwood
Natural, renewable Thermory planks created for design and function.

Low-maintenance Thermory® planks are made from thermally-modified North American White Ash — a sustainably-harvested and renewable temperate hardwood.

This environmentally-friendly hardwood is a great alternative to commonly used tropical rainforest hardwoods — because of its lighter weight, Thermory has a lower carbon footprint.

And because this beautiful, exterior wood is developed specifically for consumers conscious of design and function, Anova has partnered with Thermory to spread the word on their innovative technology, and expand our own collection of sustainable furniture.

To learn more about how thermally-modified lumber is being used in public, institutional, and commercial landscapes, check out “Hard Choices” — an in-depth article published in Landscape Architecture Magazine.


  • The proprietary thermal process minimizes cracks, brittleness and color differences in the final product.
  • The thermal modification process creates a chocolate brown color, makes the wood extremely stable and gives it an exceptionally long lifespan. Moisture is completely removed from the wood without the use of chemicals.
  • Next, the wood is exposed to temperatures of 419°F and steam is added. Moisture is re-introduced to the wood at the end of the process to stabilize the wood and prevent brittleness.
  • This careful process produces the most dependable thermally-modified product with a consistent final moisture content.

Color & Care

Thermory is a lustrous chocolate brown color when new, and will naturally age to a uniform silver/gray over time. The color-changing process begins immediately and varies with the amount of UV-exposure. Note that it is normal for all natural wood products to have some color variability between boards. If you wish to maintain the original color for a longer time, regularly apply standard deck oil such as Cutek Extreme Wood Protection Oil. Keep the surface clean and free of debris to discourage mold and mildew.


Limited ten-year structural warranty.

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